General Information


The Opening Ceremony will be held at EL Sharag Hall, University of Khartoum on 1 April 2011 at 07:30 pm. The conference venue is the CPD Centre at Soba University Hospital, Khartoum.


The conference will commence on April 1st, 2011 will end on April 4th 2011.


Khartoum is the capital city of the Sudan, the largest country in Africa, which is one million square miles. It is one of the safest and quietest cities in the African continent.  In addition to the conference, Khartoum has much to offer visitors including a wide range of shops, restaurants, art exhibitions, museums, theatres, riverside walks and hunting. It has many cultural and historical places of interest.

 April in Khartoum offers visitors the chance to experience the nice and cool dry weather and clear blue skies. Should you choose to extend your visit, we would be pleased to assist you to stay in Khartoum or to visit other parts of the country.


The registration desk will open at the Mycetoma Research Centre, Soba University Hospital March 18th -31th, 2011 from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm.

Participation at the Conference is open to all who are interested in the exchange of information on all aspects of Mycetoma


English is the official language of the conference.

 Where to eat

Information on local restaurants and fast food outlets will be available at the conference desk. This is an opportunity to taste local Sudanese dishes and to savor the wide variety of fishes caught from the River Nile, as well as seafood from the Red Sea.


The currency in Sudan is the Sudanese Pound (SP). As a rough guide the exchange rate is 1 US dollar = 2.6 SP, 1 Sterling =3.91 SP 1 Euro=255.20 SP. Bank opening hours are: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-13:30.


 220 volts


Pharmaceutical, diagnostic and publishing companies will exhibit their relevant products and developments at the Conference.

 CME accreditation

The workshops and conference count towards CME requirements.

 Certificates of attendance

Certificates will be available from the registration desk at the end of the conference.

 Social Events

The conference is also a meeting of people and cultures. We will arrange a number of occasions where active cultural exchange and getting to know each other in a pleasant atmosphere are on the agenda.


Pleasant, dry temperature ranges from 30°C in the morning to 22°C in the evening.


All visitors from other countries require an entry visa from Sudanese Embassies in the respective countries. Early application is recommended.


Khartoum is a popular destination. Most major Airliners fly to Khartoum International Airport which is about 10 minutes from the city centre.

Conference travel agent

SNAS Travel Agency

Phone: + 249-9- 912150006.