fler 11 (2)Mycetoma had landed safely at the Neglected Tropical Diseases of the WHO, Geneva after a long and challenging journey.

The journal was planned, orchestrated and executed by devoted great and giants figures from The Sudan, The Netherland, United Kingdom, Mexico and Switzerland as well as prestigious organisations to mention but a few WHO-Sudan, DNDi, Erasmus Medical Centre, University of Newcastle, Monterrey University, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Swiss Embassy -Sudan and last and not least The Mycetoma Research Centre, Khartoum and University of Khartoum.

This journey is an exemplary of hard and sustained work started in a small room at Hag EL Safi Health Centre, Khartoum North in the seventies of the last century and continued since then. It is an elegant example of sincere collaboration between numerous international bodies and institutes.

This joyful occasion is a stimulant to make a big comma and continue without a full stop to help and serve our needed patients, communities and countries.

Kindly visit the mycetoma webpage at the NTD/WHO at: