Clinical Services

Mycetoma Research Centre is renowned as a national and international centre of clinical excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of mycetoma. Beside the clinical services covering all aspects of mycetoma, it has many outstanding research interests and a very energetic and effective programme of teaching and education.

Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to patient care whereby medical care is provided by multi-disciplinary teams. We consider that this affords the best level of care for the patients. This has been made feasible by the tight links between the each specialised team making MRC unique in its delivery of medical care.

mrc clinicThe Mycetoma Clinic

The Mycetoma Clinic was established at the MRC in 1991, aiming for the provision of mycetoma patients with excellent medical care. Around 5000 patients are registered in the clinic and they are seen regularly there. The clinical services are offer by a group of well trained clinicians, pathologists and radiologists as well as an expert team of nurses and social workers.

A treatment guideline for the patients treatment was produced by an expert group of clinicians. The patient workup includes careful clinical interview and physical examination. The general investigations include liver and renal functions, full blood count. All patients have lesion ultrasonic examination and lesion fine needle aspiration for cytology. MRI and CT scan are requested for certain patients with advanced disease to determine the extent and treatment lines.